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Abbott, Hannah (1980 [Y0] - present) HufflepuffDumbledore's Army
Hufflepuff, 1991 - 1998 [Y11 - Y18], prefect 1995 - 1998 [Y15 - Y18]
Hufflepuff student in Harry's year and member of Dumbledore's Army. Sadly, Hannah's mother was killed by Death Eaters (HBP11) during her sixth year at Hogwarts. Hannah left Hogwarts and has not returned.

Abbott, Mrs. (? - 1996 [Y16])
Hannah's mother. She was found dead in the fall of 1996 [Y16]; Hannah found out during Herbology class and did not return to school (HBP11).

Abercrombie, Euan (1984 [Y4] - present) Gryffindor
Gryffindor, 1995 - 2002 [Y15 - Y22]
A small boy with prominent ears; it's implied that at the beginning of his first year, he believed the Daily Prophet's smear campaign against Harry (OP11).

Ackerley, Stewart (1983 [Y3] - present) Ravenclaw
Ravenclaw, 1994 - 2001 [Y14 - Y21] (GF12).

Aesalon, Falco Animagus Chocolate Frog Card
Ancient Greek
The first recorded example of an Animagus. He could transform himself into a falcon (fw).
"falco" = L. "falcon"; in Muggle science this word is part of the scientific name of the species.

Agnes, see "No surname" page

EA Wixzard card: Agrippa. Agrippa, Cornelius (1486 - 1535) AuthorMuggles. Chocolate Frog Card
Full name: Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim. Agrippa appears on a Chocolate Frog trading card, which reads "celebrated wizard imprisoned by Muggles for his writing, because they thought his books were evil" (fw33, PS6, CF). In PS6, Ron tells Harry that 'Agrippa' is the only Chocolate Frog card he is missing from his collection.
In the Muggle version of history, Agrippa was a German soldier and physician, and an adept in alchemy, astrology, and magic. In his bookDe Occulta Philosophia (1531), Agrippa encouraged the study of magic, explaining the world in terms of cabalistic analyses of Hebrew letters and Pythagorean numerology; he believed that magic was the best means to know God and nature.
Legend has it that he "was always accompanied by a familiar in the shape of a large black dog." It was also said that "at the inns where he stayed, Agrippa paid his bills with money that appeared genuine enough at the time, but which afterward turned to worthless horn or shell, like the fairy money which turned to earth after sunset." (Source:
Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology, 5th ed.)

Wizard Card for Archibald Alderton. Alderton, Archibald (1568 - 1623) Chocolate Frog Card
Famous for blowing up the hamlet of Little Dropping in Hampshire while attempting to magically mix a birthday cake (fw40).

Alecto, see "No surname" page

Amycus, see "No surname" page

Andros the Invincible, see "No surname" page

Archie, see "No surname" page

Aubrey, Bertram
Hogwarts student, 1970s
James Potter and Sirius Black once received detention for hexing Aubrey and causing his head to grow twice its normal size (HBP24).

For any character known only as "aunt" [given name], please look the character up by her given name in wizards with no surname.

Avery (b. late 1920s) Death Eater
One of the earliest (c.1955) members of the Death Eaters (HBP20); attended Hogwarts with Tom Riddle (HBP17). Probably related (father/son?) to the Avery that attended Hogwarts with Severus Snape (see).

Avery (b. late 1950s or early 1960s - present) SlytherinDeath Eater
Slytherin (GF27)
Attended Hogwarts with Severus Snape (GF27). A Death Eater who "wormed his way out of trouble by saying he acted under the Imperius Curse (GF27); he was punished by Voldemort with the Cruciatus Curse once Voldemort regained a functioning body (GF33). Probably related (father/son?) to the Avery that attended Hogwarts with Tom Riddle (see).


Babbling, Bathsheba (?) Hogwarts staff
Hogwarts Professor for the Study of Ancient Runes according to an early planning draft for Prisoner of Azkaban available on JKR's website. However, we cannot consider this canon because other information on this page changed by the time the book was actually published (JKR scrapbook).

Baddock, Malcolm (1983 - present) Slytherin
Slytherin, 1994 - 2001 (GF12).

Bagman, Ludovic ("Ludo") QuidditchMinistry of Magic
Celebrated Beater for the Wimbourne Wasps c. 1980, later head of the Department of Games and Sports until his somewhat informal departure from the Ministry in late June 1995. [more...]
"ludo" = Latin for "play."
"bagman" = Eng. slang: While in the U.S. this carries the sense of "one who collects money, as for racketeers", in the U.K. it carries the meaning "traveling salesman".

Bagman, Otto
Got into trouble with the Muggle Artifacts Office because of an unusual lawnmower, but Arthur Weasley straightened things out for him. Out of gratitude, Otto's brother Ludo then arranged the Weasleys' tickets to the Quidditch World Cup (GF5).

Bagman (Sr.)
Father of Ludo and Otto, friend of the Death Eater Augustus Rookwood (GF30).

Bagnold, Millicent Ministry of Magic
Minister for Magic before Cornelius Fudge. She retired c. 1990.

Bagshot, Bathilda Author
Author of A History of Magic (PS5).

Barbary, Heathcote (1974 - present) music, rhymes, and dance Chocolate Frog Card
Plays rhythm guitar with the popular wizarding band The Weird Sisters (fw95).

Wizard card for Musidora Barkwith. Barkwith, Musidora (1520 - 1666) music, rhymes, and dance Chocolate Frog Card
Barkwith was a famous composer whose Wizarding Suite featured an exploding tuba. This unfinished work is now banned, ever since a performance in 1902 blew the roof off of the Town Hall of Ackerly (fw36).
"Musidora" = from "music"
"Bark" = might be connected to the idea that dogs bark when they hear music being played or sung extremely poorly.

Barnabas the Barmy, see "No surname" page

Baruffio (wizard) Magical medicine.
Wizard who mispronounced a charm and suffered for it (PS10). Lent his name to some patent medicine of dubious value called Baruffio's Brain Elixir (OP31).

Bashir, Ali
Ali is a flying carpet merchant who was very interested in importing flying carpets into Britain. Arthur Weasley wouldn't allow it, so Ali tried to smuggle carpets in (GF7).

Basil, see "No surname" page

Wixard card for Oswald Beamish. Beamish, Oswald (1850 - 1932) magical creatures Chocolate Frog Card
Pioneer of goblin rights (fw66).

Wizard card for Flavius Belby Belby, Flavius (1715 - 1791) magical creatures Chocolate Frog Card
Survived a Lethifold attack while in Papua New Guinea in 1782. He wrote about the experience, revealing for the first time the existence of this terrible creature and also the fact that a Patronus Charm will drive a Lethifold away. Belby had at one time been voted the president of the local Gobstones Club (FB). He appears on a Famous Wizard card (fw51).

Belby, Marcus Ravenclaw
Ravenclaw, years unknown.
A "thin and nervous-looking" boy. A candidate for the Slug Club (HBP7).

Belcher, Humphrey
A wizard who mistakenly thought a cheese cauldron would be a good idea (HBP10).

Bell, Katie (1978 - present) GryffindorQuidditchDumbledore's Army
Gryffindor, 1990 - 1997, Quidditch team Chaser (PS11, CS6, PA13, GF17, OP13, OP19, OP31, HBP11). (More...)

Binns, Cuthbert(?) ghostHogwarts staff
History of Magic professor (ghost).
Professor Binns' first name appears on a list Jo created while planning Prisoner of Azkaban; however, his first name cannot be considered canon because other information on this page changed by the time the book was actually published (JKR scrapbook).
Binns' name is a subtle bit of wordplay; I imagine him wearing very thick lenses -- "bins" (from binoculars) is a slang term for spectacles. --Morag Traynor

Sirius Black © Lisa M. Rourke. Black Family (SEE also: Black family, Black Family Tree)

Wizard card for Balfour Blane. Blane, Balfour (1566 - 1629) Ministry of MagicChocolate Frog Card
Wizard who established the Committee on Experimental Charms. He appears on a Famous Wizards card (fw39).

Blenkinsop, Timothy (1976 - present) Quidditch
Puddlemere United supporter who was 23 at the time of their 30 September 1999 match against the Holyhead Harpies and was caught in the ensuing riot (DP).

Bletchley, Miles SlytherinQuidditch
Slytherin, c. 1989 - 1996, Quidditch team Keeper.
Hit Alicia Spinnet from behind with a jinx in the library prior to the autumn 1995Gryffindor-Slytherin match, but Snape refused to believe the fourteen eyewitnesses (OP19). Since Bletchley was at least a second year when Harry started at Hogwarts, and since he was still at Hogwarts in the 1995 - 1996 school year, he must be either one or more likely two years older than Harry.

Bloody Baron, see "No surname" page

Wizard card for Beatrix Bloxam. Bloxam, Beatrix (1794-1810) Author Chocolate Frog Card
Author of The Toadstool Tales series of children's books. These books have been banned because they cause nausea and vomiting. Bloxam appears on a Famous Wizard card (fw59).
Very possibly this is a reference to Beatrix Potter (see).
Please note that there appears to be a discrepancy between the image of Bloxam on the card (as an elderly lady) and her birth and death dates which indicate that she died at the age of 16.

Boardman, Stubby music, rhymes, and dance
The lead singer of the Hobgoblins, who retired c. 1980 [Y0] after being hit in the ear by a turnip at a concert in Little Norton Church Hall (OP10). See also Doris Purkiss.

Bobbin, Melinda Merchant. Member of the "Slug Club."
Hogwarts student, 1990s, and member of the Slug Club.
Her family owns a large chain of apothecaries (HBP12).

Bode, Broderick (c.1946 - 1996) Ministry of Magic Magical medicine. Icon for Herbology.
Sallow-skinned wizard with a mournful face who works for the Department of Mysteries (GF7, OP8). Injured late in 1995 [Y15] when Lucius Malfoy Imperiused Bode into removing the Prophecy from the Department of Mysteries (OP26). Hermione believes that when Bode's injuries were caused by then he touched the Prophecy. Whatever the cause, bode lost the power of speech and thought he was a teapot. He was regaining his health at St. Mungo's (OP23) when he was assassinated by a Devil's Snare plant that strangled him to death (OP19, OP23, OP25). It's ironic that this 'Unspeakable' was rendered incapable of speech by his injuries. The Healer-in-Charge of the ward at the time was Miriam Strout.

Who killed him? While at St. Mungo's, he was visited by a "very old stooped wizard with a hearing trumpet" (OP22). And according to a (non-canon) planning chart for Order of the Phoenix, Macnair was the one visiting Bode at St. Mungo's on Christmas Eve.
"To bode" = to portend or be an omen for something. It has a somewhat sinister connotation, although it can mean either good fortune or bad.

Bole (1977 - present) SlytherinQuidditch
Slytherin, 1989 - 1995, Quidditch Beater (PA15, OP19)
Wizard who deliberately fouled Alicia Spinnet in the 1993-94 Gryffindor-Slytherin Quidditch final, hitting her with a club, then claiming he'd thought she was a Bludger (PA15). Then again, given the usual standard of Slytherin Beater brainpower, maybe it was an accident...
bole = the trunk of a tree, an apt name given the build of a typical Slytherin Beater.

Bonaccord, Pierre
First Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards, a position later held by none other than Albus Dumbledore. Bonaccord wanted to ban troll-hunting and grant trolls rights, possibly full "being" status, but since a tribe of Mountain Trolls had been causing a lot of trouble in Liechtenstein, their wizarding community contested Bonaccord's appointment, and refused to join the Confederation as a result (OP31).
"Bon" = French for "good" + "accord" = harmony or reconciliation.

Bones family

Mungo Bonham, copyright Lightmaker. Bonham, Mungo (1560 - 1659) Magical medicine. Chocolate Frog Card
A healer who founded St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Ailments and Injuries. He appears on a Famous Wizard card (fw38). "Wizard of the Month" on JKR's website for March, 2005. It is unknown how Bonham became a "Saint."
St. Mungo (518-603) is the patron saint of Glasgow, Scotland. St. Mungo, aka St. Kentigern or Kentigern Mungo (This link goes offsite.church window illustration). St. Mungo survived an anti-Christian uprising by local pagans, and according to This link goes offsite.local tradition (not official Catholic hagiography) St. Mungo baptized a bard named Merlin on a large boulder near Stobo.

Boot, Terry (1980 - present) RavenclawDumbledore's Army
Ravenclaw, 1991 - 1998 (PS7).
Checked out Quidditch Through the Ages on 21 August (QA). Joined the DA October 1995, apparently having heard about it as a friend of Michael Corner (OP16). One of the DA members who helped Harry cope with Malfoy in the ambush on the Hogwarts Express (OP38). In 2001 Rowling flashed a notebook during a BBC interview that showed her notes on the students in Harry Potter's year and Terry is noted as being a male Muggleborn in Ravenclaw House. This information cannot be considered canon, however, because the notes conflict in too many places with the stories as they were actually published.

Boothby, Gladys Quidditch
Created the Moontrimmer broomstick in 1901 (QA9).

(UK adult edition) cover of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Borage, Libatius (dates unknown) Potions, Author
The author of Advanced Potion-Making.
Libatius=variation of 'libation' to pour wine in honor of a god (an offering); later the word came to mean a beverage, especially an intoxicating beverage ( WEB LINKDictionary)
borage=a prickly herb with blue or purplish star-shaped flowers; it grows wild over much of Europe and was used for "putrid and pestilential fevers, to defend the heart, and help to resist and expel the poison, or the venom of other creatures." The seeds were used to "expel pensiveness and melancholy." The distilled water "helps the redness and inflammations of the eyes." (Culpeper)

Borgin Merchant.
Proprietor of Borgin and Burkes of Knockturn Alley; an oily, smooth-talking fellow who fawned on Lucius Malfoy during the summer of 1992 but was less than impressed after his customers' departure (CS4). Draco visited his shop again in late July 1996 on some mysterious business. When he left, Borgin was visibly shaken (HBP6).

Wizard card for Bertie Bott. Bott, Bertie (1935 - present) Chocolate Frog Card
While experimenting with ways to create tasty candies from food, Bott accidentally included a pair of dirty socks in one of his trials, and created the first of the many surprises found in Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans.

Bozo, see "No surname" page

Bradley RavenclawQuidditch
Ravenclaw Chaser, 1990s (OP30, OP31).

Bragge, Barberus Ministry of MagicQuidditchChocolate Frog Card
Chief of the Wizards' Council in 1262, attended a Quidditch match and offered 150 Galleons to whomever caught a Golden Snidget which he released onto the pitch (at that time, 150 Galleons was the equivalent of over a million Galleons today). Madam Modesty Rabnott of Kent took to the field in protest at the abuse of the small, defenseless bird; she caught the Snidget with a Summoning Charm and was fined 10 Galleons. This incident began the practice of catching a live Golden Snidget as part of the game of Quidditch (QA4). Bragge appears on a Famous Wizard card because his actions changed the game of Quidditch forever (fw).
"Barberus" = similar to "barbarian" and "brag" means to boast about oneself. Each of these words suggest his character, which is bullying and crude.

Brand, Rudolf Quidditch
Captain of the Heidelberg Harriers who, at the end of a famous match with the Holyhead Harpies, proposed marriage to the Harpies' team captain, Gwendolyn Morgan; she whacked him over the head with her broom (QA7).

Brankovitch, Maximus, III Quidditch
Seeker for the Fitchburg Finches from Massachusetts, USA, who also captained the USA in several recent World Cups (QA8).

Branstone, Eleanor (1983 - present) Hufflepuff
Hufflepuff, 1994 - 2001 (GF12).

Broadmoor, Karl & Kevin Quidditch
World-famous Beaters for the Falmouth Falcons from 1958 to 1969. The Broadmoor brothers were notorious for their hard and rough style of play (QA7).
The brothers' brutal style of Quidditch play is particularly apt, as Broadmoor is an English high-security prison for mentally insecure criminals --Ross Gillson.

Brocklehurst, Mandy (1980 - present) Ravenclaw
Ravenclaw, 1991 - 1998 (PS7).

Brookstanton, Rupert 'Axebanger'
Hermione came across this name when she was searching for someone with the initials "R.A.B." (HBP30).

Brown, Lavender (1980 - present) GryffindorDumbledore's Army
Gryffindor, 1991 - 1998 (PS7)
Gryffindor student in Harry's year; a member of Dumbledore's Army. (more...)
"lavender" = from Latin "lavare" to wash (because the plant lavender is used to perfume things by being washed with them). Lavender's herbal properties include the promotion of sleep and sound rest, another reason why sheets and linens were scented with it. It is also the color associated with clothing made for elderly ladies.

Bulstrode, Millicent (1980 - present) SlytherinInquisitorial Squad
Slytherin, 1991 - 1998 (PS7)
Member of Umbridge's Inquisitorial Squad in her fifth year (OP32). In her second year, Millicent partnered Hermione at the Duelling Club at Snape's direction, resorting to a headlock despite the standard "no contact" rule of wizard duelling, leaving some black hair on Hermione's robes in the process ... which the quick-witted Hermione saved for use in her Polyjuice Potion. Unfortunately, the hair was not Millicent's own; apparently she keeps a cat (CS11, CS12).

An "M. Bulstrode" checked out Quidditch Through the Ages (6 February) (QA).

Black-haired (or Hermione wouldn't have made her mistake), with a square build and heavy jaw, Millicent was "no pixie" in her second year (referring to her size and build); by their fifth year she was still able to physically overpower Hermione. Both Ron and Harry consider Millicent ugly; she reminds Harry in particular of a hag (CS11, OP32).

In 2001 Rowling flashed a notebook during a BBC interview that showed her notes on the students in Harry Potter's year and Millicent is noted as being a Half-blood. This information cannot be considered canon, however, because the notes conflict in too many places with the stories as they were actually published.

Bulstrode, Violetta
Her husband was the son of Phineas Nigellus Black and Ursula Flint (BFT).
Daughter Dorea and at least two more, one of which appears to have been disowned (BFT).
Name: Violetta is the tragic heroine of "La Traviata." Derived from the name of a small purple pansy-like flower, but also sounds similar to "violent."

Bundy, K.
Hogwarts student, 1990s
Checked Quidditch Through The Ages out of the Hogwarts library (QA).

Bungs, Rosalind Antigone
Hermione came across this name when she was searching for someone with the initials "R.A.B." (HBP30).

Burke, Caractacus Merchant.
One of the founders of Borgin and Burkes, a shop in Knockturn Alley. The man behind the counter when Lucius Malfoy came in (CS4), however, was Mr. Borgin.
Burke was one of the people that Dumbledore interviewed when he was piecing together the story of Merope (Gaunt) Riddle. Burke purchased a heavy gold locket from her that he knew once belonged to Salazar Slytherin, paying her 10 Galleons even though he knew it was priceless. Caractacus is described as a small old man with a thatch of hair that covered his eyes (HBP13).
Burke hired Tom Riddle when he was fresh out of Hogwarts to research and "persuade" owners of powerful, valuable magical objects to sell them to Burke. Burke was as surprised as anyone that Riddle vanished one day without leaving word (HBP20).
'Burke'=English for a gruesome murder involving suffocation and dissection. More commonly, "to burke" something is to avoid a problem, usually by stifling it or hushing it up [NSOED].
'Caratacus'=romanized version of the old Welsh name 'Caradog,' meaning "beloved."

Burke, Herbert
Husband of Belvina Black (1886-1962), the daughter of Hogwarts Headmaster Phineas Nigellus Black. They had two sons and one daughter (unnamed) (BFT).
Possibly related to Caractacus Burke of Borgin and Burke's (see above).
'Burke'=English for a gruesome murder involving suffocation and dissection. More commonly, "to burke" something is to avoid a problem, usually by stifling it or hushing it up [NSOED].


Cadogan, Sir portrait, tapestry, sculpture
A knight in full armor, the inhabitant (along with a fat grey pony) of a painting on a lonely seventh floor landing. Sir Cadogan is something of a blowhard, but he is unquestionably brave (PA, GF, OP). When he volunteered to take over for the Fat Lady in guarding the entrance to the Gryffindor common room, he liked to think up bizarre passwords and change them constantly.
A cadogan = a kind of lidless teapot, after William Cadogan, 1st Earl of Cadogan (1675-1726), who was said to be the first Englishman to own such a pot. The name is fitting for a fellow who is covered head to toe with plate armor. Cadogan is most likely derived from the surname Cadwagan, which means ''glory in battle.''

Cadwallader HufflepuffQuidditch
Hufflepuff, 1990s.
"Big" Hufflepuff Quidditch team member (HBP19).

Capper, S.
Hogwarts student, 1990s.
Checked Quidditch Through The Ages out of the Hogwarts library (QA).

Carmichael, Eddie (1979 [Y-1] - present) Ravenclaw
Ravenclaw, 1990 - 1997 [Y10 - Y17] (OP31)
Earned nine "Outstanding" O.W.L.s the year before Harry, Ron, and Hermione took theirs. He assured Harry and Ron that the credit belonged solely to Baruffio's Brain Elixir, but Hermione confiscated it before the boys could buy any -- quite possibly saving them a trip to the hospital wing in the process, considering the general quality of brain stimulants circulating that year.

Carrow, Alecto Death Eater
The sister of Amycus Carrow and part of the group of Death Eaters that invaded Hogwarts in June of 1997 [Y17] (HBP27); Snape implies that they were never sent to Azkaban (HBP2). Last name confirmed by JKR (JKR).
Alecto was one of the three Furies in Greek mythology. Her name means 'unceasing in anger.' (EM)

Carrow, Amycus Death Eater
Alecto Carrow's brother, a squat, "lumpy" looking wizard with a lopsided leer and a wheezy giggle. Part of the group of Death Eaters that invaded Hogwarts in June of 1997 [Y17] (HBP27). Snape implies that they were never sent to Azkaban (HBP2). Last name confirmed by JKR (JKR).
Amycus was the son of Poseidon and the nymph Melia. He became the king of the Bebryces (a mythical people in Bithynia), and was very skilled in boxing. (EM) Curiously, 'Amicus' (note the different spelling) is Latin for 'friend.'

Wizard card for Greta Catchlove.Catchlove, Greta (1960 - present) AuthorChocolate Frog Card
Author of Charm Your Own Cheese (CS3, fw).
On Rowling's website, in an advertisement on the Rumors page, the author of the book is listed as Gerta Curd. Apparently this author uses a penname which is more cheese related (JKR).

Cauldwell, Owen (1983 [Y3] - present) Hufflepuff
Hufflepuff, 1994 - 2001 [Y14 - Y21] (GF12).

Chambers RavenclawQuidditch
Ravenclaw, 1990s.
Ravenclaw Chaser whose attempt at goal in the Quidditch final was deflected by Ron (OP31).

Chang, Cho (1979 [Y-1] - present) RavenclawQuidditchDumbledore's Army
Ravenclaw, 1990 - 1997 [Y10 - Y17]
Quidditch Seeker since 1993 [Y13] but initially had problems with injuries.
Extremely pretty with long black hair, about a head shorter than Harry during his third year, and very popular. Harry had a crush on her, and they dated for some time during Harry's fifth year, but it didn't work out (PA13, GF, OP). [more...]

Wanda Chittock, copyright Lightmaker. Chittock, Glenda (1964 - present) Chocolate Frog Card
Popular presenter of the W.W.N. (Wizarding Wireless Network) program Witching Hour (fw89). Glenda appeared as the Wizard of the Month on JKR for October, 2004.

Chubb, Agatha
Expert in ancient wizarding artifacts who found twelve lead Bludgers from the early sixteenth century in peat bogs and marshes (QA6).

Circe, see "No surname" page

Elfrida Clagg, copyright Lightmaker. Clagg, Elfrida (1612 - 1687*) (fw/42; JKR) Ministry of MagicQuidditchChocolate Frog Cardportrait, tapestry, sculpture
Chieftainess of Warlock’s Council (JKR's website), Clagg made the Golden Snidget a protected species, and set up the Modesty Rabnott Snidget Reservation in Somerset (QA4). Clagg was the "Wizard of the Month" for June 2005 on (JKR).
*This conflicts with information from QA4 which says she was the "Chief of the Wizard's Council" in the mid-1300s.

Clearwater, Penelope (c.1976 [Y-4] - present) Ravenclaw
Ravenclaw, 1987 - 1994 [Y7 - Y14], prefect 1992 - 1994 [Y12 - Y14]
Girlfriend of Percy Weasley, who calls her Penny; she has long curly hair (CS12). She was Petrified by a basilisk May 8, 1993 [Y13]. (recovered: May 30th) (CS14). She seems to be able to appreciate the Firebolt as a first-class broomstick, and is serious enough about Quidditch to have bet Percy 10 Galleons on the 1993 - 1994 [Y13 - Y14]. Gryffindor-Ravenclaw match (PA13). Note: Official corrections (2004) place Penelope in the same year as Percy.
In The Odyssey, Penelope was the wife of Odysseus, who very cleverly managed to avoid being forced to remarry during his long absence. Consequently, the poetic sense of the name is that of a faithful, clever woman, particularly a wife -- and of a woman who is good at stringing suitors along without committing to anything.

Cliodna, see "No surname" page

Clogg, Edgar Quidditchghost
Ghost who has been hanging around the Hogwarts Quidditch pitch as long as anyone can remember. Edgar was obviously a pretty good player in his day (Quidditch World Cup/g).

Magenta Comstock, copyright Lightmaker.Comstock, Magenta (1895 - 1991) portrait, tapestry, sculpture
Experimental artist whose portraits' eyes not only follow the viewer around the room, but also follow them home. JKR's Wizard of the Month for April 2007. (JKR)

Connolly Quidditch
Irish National Side, Beater (GF8).

Cooper, Buckley
Wrote a letter to the Daily Prophet asking for legal advice in the running feud he's been having with his brother. He wonders if the Ministry would "turn a blind eye" if he kidnapped his brother's children and turning them into blood-sucking ferrets. In his response, Dempster Wiggleworth of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement strongly advised against it (DP).

Coopey, Howland Magical medicine.
Wrote a letter to the Daily Prophet's Problem Page, asking for medical advice. He described his symptoms -- green and purple rash between his toes and sparks from his nostrils when he sneezes -- and wondered if it's anything to be concerned about. Professor Spleen responded that was a simple case of Dragon Pox (DP).

Coote, Ritchie Gryffindor Quidditch
Quidditch team, Beater (HBP11). "Aims well."

Corner, Michael (1980 [Y0] - present) RavenclawDumbledore's Army
Ravenclaw, 1991 - 1998 [Y11 - Y18]
Michael is a dark-haired boy who met Ginny Weasley at the Yule Ball and began dating her at the end of the 1994 - 1995 [Y14 - Y15] school year; through Ginny, Michael and his friends joined the DA (OP16). Michael sulked so much after Gryffindor defeated Ravenclaw in 1996 [Y16] that Ginny dumped him, after which he took up with Cho Chang (OP38).
Michael Corner appeared on JKR's list of students in Harry's year (HPM) but was noted as a Hufflepuff on that paper. This list contradicts books in many places and cannot be considered canon.

Cornfoot, Stephen Ravenclaw
Ravenclaw 1991 [Y11 ] -
Stephen's name appears in the draft of the classlist of Harry's year that Jo displayed during the "Harry Potter and Me" TV interview (HPM). According to the list he is Pure-blood. Stephen has never appeared in canon, but his name is listed here because he apparently existed in early plans for the books. [Essay on the classlist]

Crabbe, Irma
Wife of Pollux Black (1912-1990) (BFT).

Crabbe, Mr. Death Eater
A Death Eater, the father of Vincent Crabbe. Like his son, Mr. Crabbe is a large fellow -- one of the two largest Death Eaters to attend Voldemort's 'rebirthing party' -- and a bit dim (GF33, OP26).

Crabbe, Vincent (1980 [Y0] - present) SlytherinQuidditch Inquisitorial Squad member.
Slytherin, 1991 - 1998 [Y11 - Y18] (PS7), Quidditch team Beater 1995 - 1998.
Thuggish friend of Draco Malfoy [More...]
"Crab" = English slang to "complain;" to be "crabby" is to be in a bad mood.

Cragg, Elfrida Magical medicine. portrait, tapestry, sculpture
Someone whose portrait hangs in St. Mungo's; Everard ran into her portrait to watch what happened to Arthur Weasley after he had been injured. This is probably a misprint for Elfrida Clagg (OP22).

Creevey, Colin (1981 [Y1] - present) GryffindorDumbledore's Army
Gryffindor, 1992 - 1999 [Y12 - Y19]
Colin Creevey is a very excitable, rather short boy with mousy brown hair who was just tickled to death to discover that he was a wizard and to find out about Hogwarts (his father is a Muggle milkman, so Colin is Muggle-born). Colin is very excited to know the famous Harry Potter and in his first year took a lot of pictures of his idol. He even asked Harry to sign one, but Harry refused (CS5, CS6). Colin has been known to follow Harry around or to say "All right, Harry?" every time he sees him, just to hear Harry respond. Colin's heart is in the right place, certainly, but he does tend to get run over once in a while in the rush of events. He was Petrified by the basilisk in November of his first year, and wasn't cured until late May (CS). Colin and his little brother Dennis both joined Dumbledore's Army in October 1995 [Y15], and learned to do defensive and some offensive magic from Harry (OP16).

The Creeveys appear to be a close family. Colin took a lot of pictures in his first year because he was sending them home to his father, to show him what it was like (CS5, CS6). As soon as Dennis arrived at Hogwarts, the two brothers became very much a double act, rather than Colin treating Dennis as a two-year-younger tagalong (GF12).
"Creeve" ="to burst," suggesting the Creevey brothers' excitability.

Creevey, Dennis © Laura FreemanCreevey, Dennis (1983 [Y3] - present) GryffindorDumbledore's Army
Gryffindor, 1994 - 2001 [Y14 - Y21]
The younger brother of Colin, and like Colin having "mousy" brown hair and Muggle-born, Dennis was the smallest kid in his year when he arrived, and thus almost certainly the smallest kid in Hogwarts; he needed to stand on his seat in the Great Hall to be able to see the Goblet of Fire properly, and still only just came up to everyone else's eye-level (GF12, GF16). However, Dennis is another example of the Weasley twins' saying that "size is no guarantee of power" (OP6), in that he seems to know no fear. On his first-year journey across the lake in a storm, Dennis fell in and was rescued by the giant squid, which seemed to him to be all good fun (GF12). Dennis and Colin tried to modify a stack of magical Support Cedric Diggory! / Potter Stinks badges to say Support Harry Potter! instead, but all they could manage was to get them stuck saying "Potter Really Stinks" (GF19). Dennis, along with his brother, joined Dumbledore's Army in October 1995 [Y15], and learned to do defensive and some offensive magic from Harry (OP16).

Dennis was in his second year during the 1995-6 1995 - 1996 [Y15 - Y16] school year, but somehow managed to get into Hogsmeade and attend the initial meeting of Dumbledore's Army at the Hog's Head. He shouldn't have been allowed into Hogsmeade until his third year, unless they changed the rules at some point. Or possibly the Creevey parents, who must be much-tried people, felt they'd save themselves a lot of stress if they just did both brothers' permission forms at once.

Cresswell, Dirk Member of the "Slug Club." Ministry of Magic magical creatures
Muggle-born; Head of the Goblin Liaison Office (HBP4). A gifted student while at Hogwarts.

Croaker Ministry of Magic
Works for the Department of Mysteries (GF7).
"Croaker"= someone who habitually predicts evil; it has that sense because croaking is a noise made by crows and ravens, who really are death omens as they are carrion eaters.

Crockford, Doris
A witch in the Leaky Cauldron on July 31, 1991 [Y11], who was just so delighted to meet Harry Potter that she came back more than once to shake his hand (PS5).

Wizard card for Crispin Cronk. Cronk, Crispin (1795 - 1872) magical creatures Chocolate Frog Card
Famous for keeping sphinxes in his backyard despite repeated warnings from the Ministry of Magic. The Ministry had the last laugh, as they eventually gave up and sent Cronk to Azkaban. He appears on a Famous Wizard card (fw/60).
"Cronk" = Australian slang for "fraudulent," particularly in talking about running racehorses [NSOED].

Crook, Glenda
Works for the Campaign for Greater Freedom for Wizards (DP).

Crouch Family

  • Crouch, Bartemius (Sr.) (GF) Ministry of Magic [More...]
  • Crouch, Mrs. (wife) (GF) [More...]
  • Crouch, Bartemius (Jr.) (GF) Death Eater [More...]
  • Crouch, Caspar (BFT) married to Charis Black (1919-1973)

Wizard card for Gideon Crumb. Crumb, Gideon (1975 - present) music, rhymes, and dance Chocolate Frog Card
Plays bagpipes with the popular wizarding band The Weird Sisters.

Cuffe, Barnabas Member of the "Slug Club." Author
Editor of the Daily Prophet (HBP4).

Curd, Gerta AuthorChocolate Frog Card
Author of Charm Your Own Cheese (possibly a penname, since the author's name on the famous wizard card is Greta Catchlove) (JKR).